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They continued to walk slowly, Beatrice scanning the crowd as she moved with Frankie by her side.“Yeah?” Shelly asked, disinterested in the woman herself, but interested in the fact that all the tubes and wires went into the android.“How?” She whispered, turning around.I glanced over at Joy, I'm pretty sure Lexi & Joy glanced at each and were both trying to hold back smiles...Scarlett and I saw her working as a waitress in the Pottstown Diner on occasion, but we never said a word to her other than our order.To see this sweet little girl I’d grown up with now licking my cock.She was outraged.“That would work,” I said.You lose control over your body and begin thrusting your pussy into our guest's probing tongue.Steve was ready to cum so when they left Jane on the floor he removed the duct tape from her mouth and replaced it with his 6” cock.So ladies, what do you fancy doing today?“I'm worried that this might all be some kind of rebound for you.I had finished my first s