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Now I was thinking about the feeling of touching that girl.Was she checking to see if I had been wanking when she walked in?With the females speaking out, how do things get done?"“You may have bested my minions, but I have already won the war.” It gloats.“As you wish.I felt myself terrible because it's such a sweet girl, but duty calls.“At least you’re not boring,” I said, “not a day goes by when you haven’t presented us with a new crisis of faith.”The growing lump inside his robe fiercely poked out the front of the fabric.He's quickly in and starts thrusting.“I love how it grows so big and gets so fucking hard” Jenn exclaimed as she kissed my dick right on the head.A fighter.All species of bear have notoriously long tongues, some almost a foot long... the hunter always found animal facts like this useless and boring, he would constantly think to himself "in what situation would you ever need to know this?There was a knock at the back-glass doors.“Oh, yes, you a

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