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I loved the scent wafting off of her.The transport guy strapped her in and thanked me for helping him.“But what?” I ask.We asked Jan what we should wear when we arrived.You're mine now!"I'd heard about it, and I'd even seen it on the internet, but it was a thousand times hotter seeing it in person.“Alright…on three…” Paul instructed again.His sister’s shortest sissy boy and his fathers shortest slave had been bred, and had produced a small baby girl.My conditioning tapes have helped so much.Each child is fortunate enough to have their own private bedroom."One bottle of lube.I’m in love with this dick!”“Uh, sure…” he responded, a little weirded out.Bernie was taking it like a champ, groaning with every poke but going with it.The announcer came on stage and all of the participants came out naked.Both of us still had part or all of our bras on; I turned him around and unhooked his and took it off, then he did the same with mine.Once we were dry, we walked hand in h

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