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Mr. Johnson needed no encouragement.It was a shame she had rubbed his younger age in his face earlier today.She looked me in the eye, as if expecting me to say something, then bit her lip as she looked down.“I’m sorry Gina… I was in a rush to get my stuffed moved into here.She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her girlfriend's panties and tugged them down.“Ok daddy....since you like to jerk off so much your going to do it in front of me right now.Slowly rocking her hips.She left Melody's apartment and wandered downstairs, and was surprised to see John sitting on the bar counter sipping from a mug, over the smell of stale booze she smelled coffee, and John slipped off the bar and poured her a cup, asking her, her preference with cream and sugar.Agreed?"“Maybe on the way back I’ll let you join the mile high club,” she whispered in my ear.He brought me here.”I sat down on the hard, cold rocks and tried to make up my mind.They both looked like they hadn’t slept at

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