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I have asked them to avoid unnecessary violence, but the reality is that if you do not immediately surrender or if you attempt to escape, you will die.”He watched Jane sucking his cock, driving his shaft into her throat, crudely having his way with her.“Why are you crying?” she asked."Good?" he asked.They worked very hard to make your apartment perfect for a slave.”After an in-depth investigation of several videos and numerous photos, Lydia closed the screen, much to my disappointment.“I’m just worried, is all,” Hazel countered.Please let me know what you think of this chapter in the comments below.Although it was a fantastic feeling to be fucking her this deep, I eased back a little, as I didn’t want her to feel sore inside.He then pushed his mouth to hers kissing her very hard.I want you dripping out of me.”I blushed a bit and she gave me a hug and said good boy!As you all can see she has all her rings in, her brand and now has her 2 stars.Where was Sven?"Und, was s

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