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I stood up beside the bed.The boys decided that they both needed a pee before we left and off they went leaving me on my own.We didn’t favor answers to the curious, either.“And what's that then you horrible little bitch?” Demanded Emily.I was almost over the edge.....After just a few seconds, my son was finished inseminating me with his seed. I could feel his semen flowing down into the opening of my cervix and into my uterus.Your naked arse hanging out of your leather slacks was a huge turn on for me and Rosie.glorious mounds and savouring the feel of their tenderMy twenty-year-old body was lovely, my round breasts on display in my thin, stretchy top.She nodded against its grip.I do not know where this is going to go.All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY.With a movement that felt completely out of my control I shoved my throbbing, pulsating cock deep into her until I couldn't anymore and pumped hot white semen into her womb.After cleaning up, I grabbe

I was greeted warmly by everyone, and marveled at how something as innocuous as skin color could change people’s perspective.With a little practice, you will be a great little cock-slut.”I don’t want to be sold at all.When they entered the kitchen, Hazel cried out, “I can barely believe it, honey, the girls are dressed.I never would have guessed that this was what my life would turn into.“David, am I doing OK so far?”“Cool,” I said, nodding to my creation.An original story by Starrynight.I have put in a lot of work over the last mouth getting the viewing crystals and seeing to the remaining bitches were taken into custody.The sooner we crush this frail human, the sooner we can have fun."He liked to pretend he wasn't as much of a nerd as he was, acting like an idiot to hide how smart he was.It was hot and humid, being the middle of August what else is there?He seemed to continue for ages, and Laura felt herself orgasm twice at different spots during the abuse.“I’ll g

I feel Nicole tense up as she shifts in her seat.And that it was time again for them to do the Mani Pedi thing including shaves and the lot.This led to general disappointment and much shuffling, as the residents shifted to other Bitches.Taking a seat next to Nimue, Maddie asked, “What’s wrong?”The girls knew that they would be reunited with their families soon, so they coopted Will from the ladies and Amber and led him up to the revitalized master bedroom.Okay?"Jeff picked up one of the boots and slid it up her leg.“While they are free to pursue relationships with the other students, and many do, there's one thing they can't do.”It was here, before the reverend said a few final words, that her casket was opened for the final time so that everyone could say their goodbyes.Something crashed into me, hissing in fury.By mypenname3000I had seen it a zillion times, but I love it anyway.The rest of the morning was routine and boring.I looked up at his face and realised that he’d b