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Now you have the proof it’s up to you what you do next, I think this could be a big decision point in your life.How might I be of service to you?”I have to be dragged from the hall, my feet trailing behind me. I feel exhausted.", yeah.This gave her a renewed sense of purpose.Each pass getting shorter zeroing in on its target.She took it out of the wrapper and put it in her mouth.I don’t mean right now although I could if you want.She trusts him.I knew I had to get her back for everything she's done to people like you and me at this school.Her night gown was up around her stomach and her legs spread wide it left nothing to the imagination.I was still feeling tired and not yet used to the Spanish way of a late breakfasts and lunch.I rolled my eyes and looked to the front to see a noticeably flustered Phil, pacing back and forth and occasionally making sure some papers were stacked correctly or something.I’ll do it.” And I drifted off to sleep."Yes, but it's over, you can

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