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She turned her head, her blonde hair and wedding veil rustling.I think things are going well between her and I. I’m gonna try asking her out soon.”“I'm going to explode on it.I've got to call Laurie.I then felt so sleepy I was glad to make it to the bed and collapse there on top of the covers.It was becoming more difficult to convince herself that he had no interest in her body.“It'll be okay,” I promised her.PE.I woke up, alone on my bed.The sounds he was making, along with the earlier stimulation, had her dripping wet.Yeah, oh boy, what a rebel, Emily thought sarcastically, not looking up from her desk.I closed my eyes again and felt my body relax.His hands ripped her blouse open, the buttons flying off.   Switch!Me and Raquel both dropped our towels and slid under the cool sheets.How she got in her bed was a mystery.Hearing that I slide finger inside her pussy with my hand turned up and I latched onto her clit, as I sucked her clit into my mouth I flicked my finger up i

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