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"Oh... it's a bet I had with her.“I heard a rumor that there’s an incoming freshman that might give you a run for your money Lashun,” Sofia replies.“I'll, uh, be in my workshop.Me - *mind fucked up* Hold up.I guess it has been a while since I’ve sucked a dick, and I wouldn’t want my skills to fade away.”I never did PE due to ‘breathing problems’ but I ran around the field every morning and every evening I became triple A student in all academic subjects including maths English and information technology.Please give this chapter a positive rating, and if you have a moment, please go back and rate the other chapters, too.Jan's very next thought was, Jan, you idiot, you forgot to close the door!My sister had children very soon after her total disaster marriage.I told her, making light of her mistake.Sighing Ephus held up a hand stopping Hephaestus in midair.She was too beat up to skull fuck, but that didn't stop her from getting a third of me in her mouth and jerking me

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