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Charlie looked toward the floor.Drivas nodded then stood relinquishing control to Thellus.It took everything I had not to come inside her.“You won’t join us?” I raised a brow, “So I got all dolled up for nothing?”“This is Mr. Scott speaking.” I could barely hear Nicole mumble in her best Mr. Scott impersonation, which wasn’t half bad.I just knew what was next, as I looked back at Jon through my legs I saw him pick-up the cane and come over to me. I closed my eyes and waited.There are wild creatures in The Zone but we’re in no danger here.Mom didn’t respond with a description like I anticipated."With his finger.“What silly clothes you wear,” she teased me, her leafy limbs slipping under my socks and tickling my feet as she removed the wet clothing.“I’ll try not to come yet,” he promised.said mam you ok? I said yes just give me a moment to get used to it..As I started to slow down, Tammy open her mouth and let it fill it up.I twitched as my body tingled fro

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