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I heard you two late at night and making noises…I came to see what you were doing.” It was quiet in the room and I kept stroking.“Aah, you should be lucky that I found you,” she told me, the head of my shaft starting to slip into her.I couldn’t help myself and lifted for more of his wonderful tongue."Sorry about Erica looking like such a slut," said Laura casually.That orgasm looked real, was it?”The one getting the blowjob does not like it either.Realising someone was near Julie moved her head forward and encountered a naked pussy close to her mouth.While masterbating she kept popping into my mind and I couldn't help myself but think about her.Her hand movement became more urgent as she fingered herself.With a giggle and one last lick of my balls, she crawled back up my body and nestled herself against me, her head nuzzled into the nape of my neck as we both embraced the sweet surrender of sleep."No foreplay this time, just pound it to me,” she said as she stripped off

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