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“Nope, not yet…”Then words in a gruff London accent.I replied.Then, it was the underdeveloped breasts, and the slender boyish hips, covered in little-girl-type panties.Regardless, like Harold, he welcomed anything that let him feel a glimmer of hope.I wrapped my towel around myself so my breasts were just barely covered and walked out of the bathroom.Soon both women were crying and wondering what to do.I did know that I wanted to see him in just his underwear again pretty bad because he did have a really really hot body and I wanted to see his big bump again.Should you be out here dressed like that?"“I think his memories are still affecting me.” He said, genuinely not sure if what he heard was true.I tried to wriggle free but he held me tighter then lifted me up and spun around.Hot water pouring down on our incest."Tank top and socks: off!" ordered the boss.And not even she has the bravado to remain much longer with her cool reception, so before long Alexa’s is striding off

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