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Soon she moves on to the rest of the basket.Some of the time I was laying half in and half out of the water watching the people who were walking up and down the water’s edge right next to me. Needless to say my legs were wide-open most of the time and I even saw the policeman having a good look at me. I wasn’t worried about that as just about all of the people around me were naked.What was this thing, I wondered.“What do you think, whore?” Cindy asked, replying in kind.She licked her lips as he came closer and closer to touching her snatch.They opened up just a bit.“I do have something to ask you both.When he finally signaled her to come over, Ashley could not hide her joy.“Your turn to give me a surprise now.” She said, shutting her eyes and pulling down his trousers and pants.“YES!The two of us crashed to the ground on top of each other.“Xochitl looks like she's in heaven.”As I watched I saw that I recognised 2 of the 3. They were girls from the gym; one was Ella.

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