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I found the right chauffeur to drive my life for the better!”My name is Robert Tunney.There are three boxes inside.I loved it.Again and again they push against each other, I am in heaven.End of chapter 8“I love you toooo!” I squeal as she hits that sweet spot.At the same time, her friend tugged my shorts down.“Yeah.I adjusted the towel so it only covered Phillipa's rump, leaving her legs and back fully exposed.His smile softened.It suddenly erupted, spewing spunk onto the brunette's cheek and hair.I asked seriously.Don’t worry,” she kissed the tip of my throbbing shaft, and smiled with a little more conviction, “I’ll be back; just stay here.”Her blonde hair tossed about her face.As I kneel there waiting to get the last drop, I can still taste daddy’s ass in my mouth.I asked amused.“Close your eyes.” He said, I did so right away.Of course I never mentioned that I had nearly fucked her little daughter but beyond that, I had very little sexual experience.As her rub