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She had heard all she needed.“We could spread it on the ground alongside the car."It’s a skirt with holes cut in the pockets, I can just sit, or stand as the case may be, put my hands in through my pockets and play with myself, or as I’ve just done, use my vibe".Still on my knees, I did as I was told and backed up.They were both talking and looking at me; or should I say my open pussy.No, Diamond was just testing herself.At our first break, mid-morning, holly came over to me and said, “I’m hot.”He allowed Derrick to keep the bra, panties, and stockings for his girlfriend.Angie giggled and said, much too loudly to suit me, “Oh, you want to get her blowjob cherry, do you?”If someone other than Frank walked in and saw me like that, I’d die, but goddammit I kept it unlocked.They thought I was still asleep and mom said “Ron should've stayed with Kay, that one after her was so wrong for him”.It looks like you rolled around on the ground.”Week commencing January 11I he

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