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She quickly looked down, focusing on her meal.No sleep.And there is nothing demure about the look in her eyes any more.Barb then smiled and told Josh to get behind Ronnie and fill her up.She hands the plate to Tina who scoops some fried potatoes and onions onto the plate and adds some peas and hands the plate to the person closest to her.“Oh fuck Wayne.With her nose pressed against my hard taint, her wet tongue snaked up inside my asshole.I held her close and dropped my hands to her lower back and bottom.Slowly he rubbed closer and closer to her luscious little pussy.“If you need it that badly.”But thought I would see how she handled it if she thought I was really asleep.Emily knocked, and a few seconds later the door unlocked and opened.Between her legs, her golden bush was glistening wet.I said.The bitch was in tears which only increased my desire to bang her.Then I wiped a little K-Y jelly on the head of it.I thought he was going to disappear into Rachel’s pulsing pussy.The

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